All bookings with Fly Zone Roma Skydiving Centre are subject to these terms and conditions.

By making a booking you will be bound by the terms and conditions below. If you are unable or unwilling to agree to these terms and conditions then do not make a booking.


>>>>>>>>>> (Participant details) <<<<<<<<<< (HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS “I”)

I am aware and accept that parachuting may cause anxiety, fear and stress, can cause injury and can cause death.

I understand, acknowledge and accept that while FZR agrees to provide me with complete and suitable: training, facilities, equipment, personnel and resources, which comply with the requirements of the ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority), it cannot guarantee my safety.

I have read the weight, height, age and medical restrictions on the FZR website at www.flyzoneroma.com/requirements and understand that I will not be permitted to jump if I do not meet these requirements. I will provide the required declaration of fitness on each occasion I attend the airfield for a jump. I acknowledge that I cannot scuba dive 24 h prior the jump.

My exact height and weight are within the limits mentioned in the above mentioned “requirements”. If my weight changes between the day on which I made the reservation and the day on which I jump, I agree to inform FZR of my weight before I jump.

I will attend all training provided for me. I will ask questions on any point I do not understand until I am satisfied that I do understand every aspect of my training. I will inform my instructor if I remain unclear on any issue.

I agree to comply with the training I will be given. In particular I agree to act in accordance with my training while being carried in the aircraft, to act upon the commands of my instructor and to comply with any form of assistance or intervention the instructor may provide for me. In particular I acknowledge and accept to pull up my legs before the touchdown.

If at any time prior to making my first or any subsequent parachute descent, I become aware of any condition which may affect my ability to perform my training or make the descent safely, I agree to inform FZR of that condition and will voluntarily withdraw from training and / or decline to make that descent at that time. Such conditions may include, but are not limited to, any medical condition, any nervous condition, recent intoxication, any increase in body weight, any concern about a lack of training or competence, the taking of any medicine or other drugs.

I acknowledge and accept that the skydive may be happen from a lower altitude due to force major such as but not limited to air traffic restrictions, meteo conditions, safety concerns. The minimum jumpable altitude shell be 2500 mt.

In the event that I sustain any injury during training, in the course of a parachute descent, at any time while on FZR premises, or in any way concerned with the activities of FZR, I undertake to inform FZR immediately that I become aware I have suffered such injury.

I have been informed that personal injury insurance up to €.1.500.000 is available and included in this activity. Part of the fees paid for my jump is collected by FZR to cover the Membership subscription to the sport club.

I understand that in the event I sustain any injury and enter into correspondence with, or commence any legal action against the FZR or any person for whom FZR is liable, and in the event that no action is commenced or the action is discontinued or is unsuccessful at trial, then FZR, or its insurers, may take action against me to recover its legal costs and other expenses incurred in the course of correspondence or in the defence of such action.


I acknowledge and accept that if I am unable to complete my jump for operational reasons other than the weather (such as, but not limited to, mechanical issues with the aircraft, airfield closure, etc., but excluding my fitness, willingness to jump, non-attendance or failure to comply with these conditions) FZR will grant me an extension to the validity period of my ticket equivalent to the same length of time for which the disruption occurs but with a minimum extension period of six calendar months. If however FZR has still been unable to resolve the disruption after 12 months from the date it originally occurred I will be entitled to a full refund of all the amount paid to FZR for my jump.


I acknowledge and accept that if  the purchased media service will not be recorded due to operator or equipment fail it will be fully refunded. The refund will be exclusively for the media service and not for the tandem jump. When the “selfie” media service is included in one ore more sales offer at no charge, it cannot be refunded.

If I’ll agree in written form during my registration the day of jump, the shooted photos and/or videos can be used and posted bt FZR for ADs teaching, promoting.


I acknowledge and accept that if  I will not be present at the airfield at the booked date/time, the deposit will not be refunded. The remaining part of the skydive cost, media included if chosen, shall be paid before the jump.

I acknowledge and accept that if I go through the class and decide not to jump, I will be refunded less the €.30,00 deposit. Once I have boarded the plane, the entire paid amount becomes non-refundable.


Safety is our number one concern and weather conditions are a major factor in skydiving.  Unjumpable conditions may include but are not limited to cloud cover, high winds, fog,  precipitation or low temperatures. Your €.30,00 deposit is non-refundable in the case of weather. We offer our tandem class rain or shine and in the event of weather you have two options:

  1. a) You may come out and sit in the tandem class and in the case you are not able to make your jump we will issue a “rain check”, which is redeemable at full value for up to one year from your original reservation date.
  2. b) You may reschedule your reservation for up to one year from your original reservation date without incurring penalties. We realize that we are a long drive for most of our customers, so in the case of weather, you may call us the day of your reservation at +39.393.5009000 to reschedule for a future date. We will hold your €.30,00 deposit for up to one year.


Reservations must be made at least two full day in advance, with a €.19,90 non-refundable deposit per person. If your group is larger than the availability listed or you have questions about availability for a date less than two days in advance, please call +39.393.5009000 or e-mail fzroma@paracadutismo.com for assistance.